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Sometimes germs will enter the ear and an infection will erupt. Infected cornea with a puncture [punctate keratitis] often comes from being frequently struck hard on the brow. Do not restrain or chain the elephant for long periods where the ground is wet, muddy, or fouled by elephant urine and dung. Zoo Miami currently houses two separate herds of elephants. If one elephant is infested with ticks, lice or fleas, you can assume that all other nearby elephants are also infested. Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Fallet med matriarken Eleanor som blev hjälpt av en obesläktad elefant efter att hon fallit och skadat sin snabel är ett exempel på en situation som sägs illustrera sann altruism.

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Soak the foot in potassium permanganate solution daily for 15 to 20 minutes.

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Till exempel så har man sett asiatiska elefanter i fångenskap tillsynes trösta varandra i stressfyllda situationer, och afrikanska elefanter i det vilda har observerats ge uttryck för vad som verkar vara sorg över förlusten av en artfrände. If left untreated, these spots will enlarge into blotches and can spread all over the body. Sometimes there is a yellow discharge. Tusks that wobble because they are loose in their socket come from elephants that "spear" [ thaeng ] the earth or trees for fun. Seetna and Dahlip were a young pair that had been imported from India. When trimming tusks always seek the advice and services of an expert mahout. These medicines should be used with great care, especially that they do not enter the eyes, trunk, mouth, or any open wounds.

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african elephants asian elephants
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